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Welcome to adespace

Website of Adrian Stannard, an insignificant physicist, optical design engineer, part-time musician, classic car enthusiast, all-round handyman, and also dabbling in the php open source community.

Electron Diffraction and Interference Movie
Created as part of BSc final year project - see first two pdf files below.

A collection of writings and papers:

ElectronInterference_via_TimeDependentSchroedingerEquation.pdf - Report for my final year BSc Physics project on modelling the Time-Dependent Schr?dinger Equation, primarily using FORTRAN, with images generated in matlab, resulting in the above animation. Included was the investigation of two-slit geometries on diffraction patterns, something not possible analytically, via Kirchoff diffraction theory. As electronic semiconductor components become ever smaller, and use lower energies to avoid excessive power consumption (and heat dissipation), effects such as electron diffraction will gradually become an issue. Hence the shaping of P-N junctions will be required to control and focus electron transport.

QuantumInterference.pdf - Exploring Quantum Interference On Your Desktop - An extension of my final year BSc Physics project on modelling the Time-Dependent Schr?dinger Equation, performed after my MSc in 2003. This paper details the method of numerical modelling, applied to double-slit interference and electron focusing via a lens-shaped potential barrier (by exploiting quantum tunneling).

NdYAG_shg.pdf - MSc paper on theory and experiment in observing Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) from a pulsed (Q-switched) Nd:YAG laser.

Fibre_Optic_Sensors.pdf - MSc paper on making sensors which exploit properties of optical fibres, including interferometric temperature and pressure sensors

LloydsMirror.pdf - MSc paper on theory and experiment of the Lloyd's Mirror experiment, employing some basic statistical analysis to determine the wavelength of the HeNe laser, investigating sources of random and systematic errors.

TwymanGreenInterferometer.pdf - MSc paper on experiment and theoretical considerations (in classical optics) of the Twyman-Green interferometer, including observation and classification of lens aberrations.

FibreOpticLidar_MSc_Dissertation.pdf - MSc dissertation / thesis on the theoretical considerations and development of a fibre optic anemometer system (LiDAR without ranging) carried out at DLR - the German Aerospace Centre, including the first ever demonstration of aerosol backscatter velocity measurements with such a system.

Principles_and_Applications_of_ModernLidar.pdf - An essay / review - Principles and Applications of Modern LiDAR, 2004.

Laser_Stabilisation_for_Spectroscopy_of_Yb171.pdf - First year PhD transfer report, investigating probe laser frequency stability issues for ultra-precise spectroscopy on the extremely forbidden Yb 171 octupole transition.

ieee_paper_2005.pdf - Joint author in Yb paper published in IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas. VOL. 54, NO. 2, APRIL 2005. 759 - An optical frequency standard based on the electric octupole transition in 171Yb+

Essence_of_time.pdf - A layman's guide to the field of time and optical frequency standards, published in Romulus, June 2005, the magazine of Wolfson College, Oxford. Featured as part of the issue's topic of space and time, in celebration of the centenary of Einstein's seminal 1905 publications.

EFTF2006_Yb ion clock.pdf - Group conference paper for EFTF 2006 ( on the ytterbium 171 optical clock - my contribution is primarily section III and IV.

ProbeLaserLinewidthQuantumJumpSpectrum.pdf - PhD Thesis Interim report - analysis of Ti:Sapph probe laser dual-cavity linewidth through Fourier deconvolution techniques and comparison to quantum jump spectroscopy on the ytterbium 171 octupole transition.

A Stannard PhD Thesis.pdf - PhD Thesis - Progress on Optical Frequency Metrology with the ytterbium 171 octupole transition.

Some of my php scripts: Generates graphical guitar tabulatures. SQL database backup and installer utilities, designed to minimise disk-writes, and thus perform very fast SQL dumps. Also contains internal zip compression class to avoid dependencies on server exec() functions.

See also:
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Some of my user's feedback:

"You know, my head exploded when I found phpbb, then phpBBXS and finally Icy Phoenix... I love it, my users love it and it helps our club run well and smooth. My extreme thanks to all who have made it what it is...

As for this gem of a mod, thank you for all of your work... this is an excellent mod and a great addition to the IKE icy phoenix site. "
- babbman

"Really nice mod. It will be useful for me. Thanks!" - KasLimon

"Really nice Mod." - Mighty Gorgon

"WWWOOWWW!!!, Thanks!!!!!!!!" - nene94

A great job... why? Because it is a interesting MOD, it is well presented and very well explained... Thanks - ThE KuKa